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NXR Global is a network marketing company founded in 1999, with a commitment to providing quality products that help financially boost our Business Partners' and Customers' lives. Every day scientific advances are being made to help better your connection to the world. We are a part of those advances.

Bob Bremner, CEO

As the CEO, Bob drives Business Partners' success through a focus on fiscal responsibility, managed growth and resource stewardship. By establishing the support you need to grow your business, Bob ensures that NXR Global will be profitable, sustainable and scalable for years to come. Bob knows what it means to seek a better life. He graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute in 1965 with a degree in Civil Engineering. In 1969 he founded his own consulting engineering firm and operated that business for over 20 years.
In 1986 Bob was introduced to Network Marketing and began to build a business. After a couple of years he was making more money part time in his network marketing business than he was operating an engineering firm with over 50 employees, and in 1989 he sold his engineering practice to go full time in this new career. He has served as President and CEO for NXR Global since 1999. His success of achieving and maintaining profitability at the companies over which he has presided is a matter of record.

Kristin Sadler, CFO

As the CFO, Kristin Sadler manages industry leading payment and collection processes by partnering with proven and experienced global financial institutions. She commits to establishing seamless and transparent financial procedures that will allow our Business Partners to focus on creating and building their own business. As CFO of a previous MLM company, Kristin sharpened her management expertise in many key areas, including financing, cash flow, budgeting and forecasting.

David Bremner, CTO

David oversees all aspects of the company's product development, including manufacturing, as well as all shipping processes. He works to stay ahead of technology and is always searching for new and innovative tools and products that enhance lives. He is also responsible for global expansion.

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